An Excavation

English: This is a picture of bookshelves in a...

English: This is a picture of bookshelves in a tiny library in upper New York State. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Browser’s Nook library, I used to go there some years back. A small, washed out, upper storey room attached to an abandoned mansion.

A wooden spiral staircase winded up to its narrow entrance. The steps were old, rickety, and covered with moss. It looked like the teeth of an old man grinning, showing the spaces between his half-corroded teeth. Creepers clung to the the spiral like a green garment.

Spiders crawled out from beneath the leaves of the creepers whenever footsteps sounded on the wood. I used to tiptoe upstairs along with my cousins, but even our tiny gentle footsteps produced a whisper of a creak. There was barely any space for a foot on the narrow, arching steps. By the time we reached the door the world slowly circles around us.

Inside the library was like another world, it was very dark with rows of bookshelves sprinkled with dust. Near the doorway sat the librarian staring blankly at nothing in particular. A charcoal-coloured fan groaned from the ceiling above her. The only source of light was the dim white light that came in from the small windows. There was something mysterious about the library, something I never could understand. It was not horrifying, but something that was sad and forgotten. People rarely visited the library those days, perhaps that added to the gloomy atmosphere of the library.

After some months, I moved to my native place and everything about the library was forgotten. Years later I found myself on a street next to that of the library. With brimming curiosity and a thumping heart I walked quickly to the place only to find it shut, abandoned. I had wanted to see the library hoping to revoke the strange feeling I used to experience there. But I guess that was never to happen.

No more excavations of old memories.