The Movie Star

“Will you stop pushing… I barely have any space to stand here”, said a long-haired teenager to a middle-aged man behind him.

“Don’t yell at me… who do you think you are? I can’t help it.. it’s not like I want to stand pressed against you!”, the man replied.

It was a warm evening and there was a raucous crowd before the movie theater. Fans stood waving glossy posters of their idol as they chanted his name “ Rajkumar.. Rajkumar..Rajkumar..”

Rajkumar had shot to fame after just one film. His rugged looks, husky voice, and great acting had charmed everybody. People had gathered to catch a glimpse of the actor before the screening of his latest movie at 6:30 p.m. A procession with drummers and dancers were arranged to welcome the star and the excitement was mounting with each passing second.

The big ornamental clock hung above the doors of the theater struck 6:30 p.m But no movie star appeared in a smart suit on the red carpet. The hub-bub lessened for a while but soon peaked up with renewed vigour. The fans continued to wait, at about 6:40 p.m an old man wearing a bloody shirt came running from the direction of Greams Road gasping for breath.

“Somebody please help truck collided with a car on Greams road. I managed to pull the driver out. I need help to pull out the other person..”, he said after he regained his breath.

“The Great Rajkumarl might come any time.. I don’t want to miss his grand entrance”, said a bespectacled teenager to his friend.

As people hesitated, the old man pleaded somebody to help save a person’s life. Soon three men joined him and they quickly ran to the site of the accident.

One of the men who had gone returned ten minutes later. His face was pale. “That was Rajkumar’s car…”, he announced.




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