They had broken up. She looked at him from the doorway of their apartment. He looked as handsome as ever. Tears welled up in her eyes and she felt an unbearable pain in her heart. It was time to say goodbye.

She walked to where he was standing lost in thought and embraced him tightly.

“What had happened to us?”she sobbed, her tears wetting his navy blue shirt. He remained silent. He was standing like a stiff stump, not caring to return her hug.

She felt a fury surge through her whole body. Her arms suddenly closed in on his throat, she gripped it harder and harder. He was struggling, gasping for breath. He tried to push her aside but her grip tightened on his throat like a noose. With a sudden burst of energy she pushed him to the ground and squeezed the remaining life out of him. Sweat clung to her like a slippery garment. She realized that she was breathing heavily. She withdrew her arms and wiped them on her jeans.

Then she stared deep into his cold, dead eyes and said “Now we’re done.”


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