City Life



I watch my pet cat dart about

my kitchen garden,

thinking of the changes that have crept in–


Eat or be eaten,

the way of life in the wild,

now, reinvented for the urbane,

concealed by shimmery electric lights

and the smell of warm notes–


Vehicles gush by, silhouetted

by oncoming headlights

and up, above, smoke travels in ripples

choking birds in its wake.


Free Fall

She took the stairs that lead to the stars,

Ascending slowly but resolutely.

At the top she saw them- hundreds of

White specks glittering above a busy city,

She reached for them with outstretched arms

And took the plunge into the cool night air;

An unseen force tugged at her,

Pulling her down, down,

Until she embraced the ground.