They say that

where there is smoke

there is fire.


They say that

where there is a will

there’s a way.

But I don’t care

what they say anymore,

It’s not their call,

I have repainted the idioms

and they are drying under the sun-

Words that stare at me

imbued with new meanings.


They say, they say,

they say, that’s all they could ever do.

But now I say and I stick by my words.

And my words don’t lie.


Adrenaline Rush



Tired of my erratic behaviour

People always said that I would either

Go up in flames

Or drown under endless waves.


Now I am living my wildest dream

Amidst fire and water,

Between a dormant volcano

and the capricious sea-

The perfect site

for a life of fight or flight.