Art Attack


The glass shattered. The blue nail polish splattered on the wall. He grabbed a handful of nail polish bottles and threw them willy-nilly. He grinned as he studied his handiwork. Driving her away was easy, all he had to was to turn her room into a work of art.




A rolling suitcase and a handbag greeted me as I stepped out of the bathroom with my toothbrush in my mouth, toothpaste foam dripping down the tiled floor.

“She is leaving me?” he asked himself incredulously.

“Oh, you’re awake, get your bags ready, we are going on a trip”, she announced as she came out of the kitchen with two huge bottles of water.

“It ‘s Sunday. What has got into you?”

“ We planned this last week, remember? No, you don’t. I am invisible to you.”

“I wish she would leave me”, he muttered as he brushed his teeth.

New Year


She looked at herself in the mirror, her face was pale and drawn. The effects of radiation were beginning to show. She sighed audibly and watched her reflection fog up in the mirror. She had to tell them soon.

“Mom, come on out we are going to start with the fireworks”, yelled Ritu from the front yard.

“I’m coming”, she called out. She splashed her face with water and stepped out of the bathroom.

She could hear her children counting out in the front yard “6…5…4…”

“3…2…1… Happy New Year”, she exclaimed with her children, Ritu and Rohith. She hugged them tightly and watched the fireworks erupt in the night sky; bursts of green, red, and yellow cascaded down and faded into smoke. She had dreaded the new year and all those nasty changes it will bring to her children’s lives. She had to tell them.

”Not now…”, she told herself.

A Painful Remembrance

I climbed down from the train carrying my backpack; the large clock in the railway station showed 7:30 p.m. I weaved my way through the crowd towards the exit.


I heard a familiar female voice, I turned to find her standing in the dimly lit station.

“Prema, why are you standing there? we have to get a cab”, exclaimed Prema’s sister as she pulled her away.

Seeing her again, the wound caused by the invisible arrow started hurting again.