One day it will strike you

Full on your face,

Your eventual loneliness.

That is the way of the world.

People leave inevitably

Like whiffs of vapour;

They will bow out,

And leave you on the stage

And the spotlight will widen around you

And you will surrender to the blinding light

And embrace the searing blindness.



As I grew older,

I realized the irony

of growing up-

It took twenty three

years for me

to distinguish a lie

from the truth.


As I grew older,

my friendships were few

and far between,

like the fizzy drinks

in multicoloured cans-

cold and piquant

with an inescapable shelf life.


As I grew older,

the familial connection dwindled

and I became self-centered,

the last standing thread

of pollen in a sun-speckled field.


As I grew older,

I learned to hate

myself and others

with  fervent strength,

talk about a life

that keeps on giving.

City Life



I watch my pet cat dart about

my kitchen garden,

thinking of the changes that have crept in–


Eat or be eaten,

the way of life in the wild,

now, reinvented for the urbane,

concealed by shimmery electric lights

and the smell of warm notes–


Vehicles gush by, silhouetted

by oncoming headlights

and up, above, smoke travels in ripples

choking birds in its wake.