She broke the news, I was surprised.

I didn’t feel betrayed, but detached,

as if I were staring at her through a glass wall.

I should have known that with each passing second

secrets are formed, locked, and buried

only to surface like corpses washed ashore.


It was a happy occasion but I was morose,

I had to grudgingly admit that

One could never really know a person,

And that everything I didn’t know

And would never know would only grow

like weeds amidst pasture.


Adrenaline Rush



Tired of my erratic behaviour

People always said that I would either

Go up in flames

Or drown under endless waves.


Now I am living my wildest dream

Amidst fire and water,

Between a dormant volcano

and the capricious sea-

The perfect site

for a life of fight or flight.