Watching the Sky





There is something tranquil about staring at old derelict buildings while listening to music. I drench myself in the rain of music, soaking in the tunes until my heart beats in rhythm and my soul waltzes in the fading blue sky. I love the view from above but sometimes I wish someone would join me on my mid-air dance.

Mountains In The Sky



And then they seemed

like mountains in the sky–

the clouds that flanked

the tardy, beaming moon.


A moment passed,

And the mountains broke down

into airy shifting rubble.


Yesterday’s Moon


Yesterday’s moon

clung to the morning sky,

A fading thumb impression left

by the bygone year.


A curtain of clouds hides it from view

as it completes its disappearing act.


The curtain pulled back

reveals a piece of blue sky,

flawless and pristine.


A celestial conversation

sun and moon

The sun and the moon
appear on the sky.
Day and night having a tete-a-tete.
They don’t share a cup of coffee,
No waiters in tuxedos linger
with plates of confectionery,
(and) No music is heard playing.

What do they talk about? , I wonder,
Not of salary hikes, soaps and voting, I’m sure.
Maybe of wind currents, rainbows and rain;
But I am uncertain.

But please wait for a minute
while I try to catch the words
that pass between the sun and the moon
Who are deep in conversation
In the wavering shades of the sky.